Saves over 50% on mobile refrigeration costs
Reduces carbon emissions by 60-100%
Integrated digital telemetry ensures better temperature control and remote monitoring
Operates quietly compared to diesel
Requires less maintenance, resulting in a 25-50% reduction in service costs
Diesel backup means more reliability vs diesel only

Maxwell and Spark is the only company in the world to commercialise a fully integrated, battery-electric mobile refrigeration system.

A few of our very happy clients

"Everyone that has tried it, loves it. It saves money and the environment, and that is the bottom line. This is definitely the future of sustainable mobile refrigeration."

Mark Templeton, Manager of Sustainability for Scania South Africa

"Maxwell and Spark’s electric reefer has given us a quiet and efficient cooling option for our trucks. We are in the process of rolling out more of their Fridge.Li systems."

Solly Engelbrecht, Group Logistics Executive of The SPAR Group South Africa