Maxwell and Spark is the largest manufacturer of lithium-ion forklift batteries in South Africa

Maxwell and Spark began designing our first Forklift.Li battery systems in 2018. We initially released what we now call our 'HARDcore' range and have subsequently become the largest manufacturer of lithium-ion forklift batteries in South Africa. Our brand is well known in the industry - we are known for our high quality builds, high performance specs and competitive prices.

Purpose-built for your needs

We have subsequently forged a strong relationship with Goscor South Africa (who are the OEM for Crown and Doosan lift trucks in South Africa, among others, and are the largest retailer of electric forklifts in South Africa). Goscor use Maxwell and Spark exclusively as their lithium-ion battery provider.


* Doping is the intentional introduction of impurities for the purpose of modulating its electrical and structural properties. We vary the chemistry based on the application but mostly use yttrium or manganese doping.
** This is the average predicted primary life of our batteries. We expect that at this point our batteries will still have 80% of their nominal capacity. The following usage guidelines will help achieve extended cycle life: Room temperature application; Room temperature charging; 2 hour charging (not 1 hour fast charging); Only using M+S supplied (or approved) true high frequency charger; No excessive vibration (ie not out door use); Regular use (no long term storage)

We are currently selling into USA and Australia. Our batteries are world class and globally competitive.


* Well-known brand, been in industry 20+ years, 3rd party independently tested
** C rating: a fully charged battery rated at 1Ah should provide 1A for one hour
*** Where the operational output capacity is not severely reduced

"We have chosen to use Maxwell and Spark's lithium-ion battery solution as we believe they offer the best products and service in the industry."
Goscor South Africa
"It's been an honor working with your batteries and your company."
Manager at Sequence Logistics South Africa