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Maxwell and Spark designs and manufactures high performance, reliable, safe and low-cost lithium-ion batteries and battery systems. We began designing large lithium-ion batteries in 2011 and have sold turnkey lithium-ion based solutions since 2014.

Maxwell and Spark is a greentech and electric vehicle company, with a focus on replacing fossil fuels in industrial and commercial environments.

We are an innovative, research-focused company with an average design and management staff qualification at post-graduate level. We use cutting-edge battery system designs and only manufacture with the world's best components. We independently test Li-ion cells and new chemistries, ensuring we stay ahead in a rapidly changing landscape. This combined with true high-frequency IGBT chargers and our in-house developed, highly customisable IoT telematics system, means that our customers get the best possible quality, safety and usability, for the best possible price and return on investment.

We are a young and growing team of around 30 people based mostly in Durban, South Africa, but with sales and servicing in Cape Town and Johannesburg too. We are also making plans to move into North America, Europe and Australia.

Watch our CEO interviewed live on CNBC Africa: https://www.cnbcafrica.com/videos/2019/10/02/how-this-sa-company-is-disrupting-the-diesel-truck-fridge-systems/



The Maxwell and Spark team includes eleven engineers, one specialised in Energy Modelling, one in Finite Element Mechanical Modelling, and one in Materials Science. The average qualification of the Maxwell and Spark team is at post-grad level. The team is headed by CEO Dr Clinton Bemont, a PhD and a professionally registered engineer.

Some of the more interesting projects by the M+S team include their solar cars - raced across some of the world’s harshest environments such as the Karoo desert and the Australian Outback (usually placing top 3); ground up design and manufacture of full-chassis carbon-composite electric sports cars; around-the-world airships; hybrid trucks; and li-ion powered rocket motors!

Read about some of our more interesting past projects we have done below.

THE MAMBA [2016]

The Mamba is a prototype concept electric vehicle built by the core Maxwell and Spark team in 2016. It is an electric 2-seater sports car driven by 2 brushless DC motors and is built on a kevlar carbon fibre monocoque frame. It has a top speed of 180kph and if you are ever in Durban you are welcome to come and take it for a spin!

SOLAR CARS [2012-2015]

The core Maxwell and Spark team came out of the University of Kwa-Zulu Natals' Solar Car team. During 2012 and 2015 the team built 3 winning solar cars. In 2014 the team came 13th in the International Solar Car Challenge (beating teams like MIT, Oxford and Cambridge).


Dr Clinton Bemont
CEO [PhD Engineering, Pr Eng, SAIMM]
Matthew Woods
CTO / Director [MSc Engineering (Mechanical)]
Nicholas Witteveen
CTO [MSc Engineering (Mechanical)]
Michael Kann
Director [BSc Engineering (Electro-Mechanical)]
Charles Davidson
Head of After Sales
Gareth Mountain
Alternate Director [MSc Engineering (Electrical)]
David Woods
Senior Engineer [BSc Engineering (Mechanical)]
David Fraser
Sales Executive [JHB]
Tyrone Deyes
Head of Sales - Coastal
Rob Lee
Head of Sales - Inland
Richard Lyons
Sales / After Sales [CPT]
Mark Cole
R&D Engineer [BSc Engineering (Electrical)]
David Kellermann
Design Engineer [BSc Engineering (Mechanical)]
Robert Ben Mawbey
Engineer [BSc Engineering (Electronic)]
Yazid Salot
Head of Procurement [BSc Engineering (Mechanical)]
Samantha Moodley
Carmen Witteveen
Operations Coordinator [BMed Sci]
Jason Janse van Rensburg
Production Manager (BA Corporate Comm)
Louis Labuschagne
Damond Osborn
Sboniso Hlongwane
Jason Wilks